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Meet the Owner of By My Standards

Debbie Montero

My name is Debbie Montero, owner of By My Standards LLC. While working for the Dept of Education at Mililani High School, I organized a successful monthly food event called 1st Fridays at Mililani High from March 2015 until June 1, 2018. I was also tasked with several large school-improvement projects by school administration.

I retired in September 2018 but unfortunately the event I created did not survive. After only 9 months of retirement, I was contacted to do an event by one of my past vendors. I found I still had the desire to organize events. This time, however, I would do it as a business of my own.

By My Standards represents the bar I, and anyone associated with me, set when it comes to events we manage. Every effort is made to recognize the big and small details that make an event a success or mediocre.

By My Standards